Interactive Sandbox

QuietPixel is proud to announce the release of its HoloSands Interactive Sandbox

HoloSands is an exhibit that children of all ages find mesmerizing.  It combines beautifully rendered augmented reality worlds with the joy of open-ended learning through tactile play.

Do you remember the fun of playing with sand when you were younger?  Why was that?  Was it the feel and texture of the sand as it moved through your fingers?  Was it the experimentation?

We have such a primal need to create things, to shape them, to bring thoughts into tangible existence.  Sand is a beautiful way to do that.  You can push the sand over here, mound it up over there, level a playing field, build a mountain, or carve a road into the little world you are creating.  You can cut a river, dig a tunnel, or bury treasures beneath the surface.  All while being able to share your experience with friends as you work together to weave a story of a fantastic land that lives in you imagination.

Now imagine if the sand of your childhood could come alive!

Learning so fun, you may have to drag visitors away!

For full information, please visit our HoloSands website.