HoloSands can be tailored to meet specific educational requirements.  In 2020, we were contacted by BBI Engineering, from San Francisco, and West Office, in Oakland, to customize HoloSands for an exhibit at the SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity.

The new biome shows how critical snowmelt runoff and catchment are to Sacramento and other parts of California. We created a special biome that shows snow collecting at higher elevations and slowly melting.  The runoff flows downhill and piles up in lakes and behind catchment dams.

Snowmelt Biome

BBI Engineering came up with a design to showcase how dams and catchment basins control the flow of water in such an arid environment.  They built a permenant insert that goes in the sandbox, with two valleys that force snowmelt into dams.  One side has a fixed dam, while the other can easily be removed.  Doing so causes all the water piled behind the dam to quickly rush down slope simulating a massive flood.  

The remaining 1/3 of the box was filled with sand so visitors could have a free area to play with HoloSands interactive features.

Since the exhibit was so tailored to one topic, we licensed them HoloSands using our “al-a-carte” menu of options. This allows museums to pick the biomes and features they want to hit a specific price point, if the full license is not needed.  

If you have special requirements for a sandbox exhibit, or would like to explore “al-a-carte” pricing, please contact us!