We had the great privilege of helping to building the Ansel & Clair series of childrens’ games for CognitiveKid and FingerPrint Ansel is an inter-galactic space photographer from the planet Virtoos, and his friend Clair is his very knowledgeable and faithful Virtoosian robot. Together, they have come to Earth several times now to learn about our history, people and animals of Earth.

Ansel & Clair in Africa

Adventures in Africa:  On their first journey to Earth, Ansel & Clair flew to Africa to learn all about its three climate zones: the Nile River Valley, the Sahara Desert and the Savannah. In each region children are encouraged to tap and play with everything on the screen, from elephants and tigers, to crocodiles in the Nile. As they do, Ansel & Clair teach about the animals and climate of that region, in a way that is fun and engaging.

The app was so ground breaking that Apple featured it several times on their AppStore homepage, and even installed it on all the iPads in the children’s section of all their retail stores across the nation:

Ansel & Clair in Apple Stores Across the U.S.

We did much of the programming for the app, and especially the mini-games inside of it:

  • Egyptian Pyramid Maze
  • Life cycle of a Frog
  • Clock Puzzle
  • Ansel’s Travel Log

Adventures in Africa received numerous awards, and was well loved by children around the world.

We also helped develop or assisted with these other Ansel & Clair adventures:

  • American Bowl
  • Cretaceous Dinosaurs
  • Jurassic Dinosaurs
  • Little Green Island
  • Paul Revere’s Ride
  • Snow Math (never released unfortunately)
  • Triassic Dinosaurs
  • World Bowl

Working with the founder of CognitiveKid was a delight, and we love how many hours of discovery and delight that parents said the apps brought their young children.