October 3rd, 2020 The Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (JASU) provides organizational support for school children throughout Ukraine to grow in their understanding of scientific principles, and to encourage their intellectual, spiritual, creative and vocational development. On October 3rd, 2020, JASU was overjoyed to open their new Science Museum for the children of Ukraine. […]
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The Cook Museum of Natural Science is an amazing new museum in North Alabama. QuietPixel was honored to work with them to develop five cutting edge interactive exhibits that bring science to life! Voronoi Diagrams The Voronoi Pattern shows up repeatedly in nature. It can be found in the cracks made by drying mud, in […]
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At the end of 2018, QuietPixel had the pleasure of working on the “Alabama Justice” exhibit for Backstory Educational Media. We developed 9 iPad applications for the exhibit, which let visitors read more about 8 Supreme Court case that originated in Alabama, and read through the U.S. Constitution. The apps allow you to see images […]
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QuietPixel is proud to announce the release of its HoloSands Interactive Sandbox:   HoloSands is an exhibit that children of all ages find mesmerizing.  It combines beautifully rendered augmented reality worlds with the joy of open-ended learning through tactile play. Do you remember the fun of playing with sand when you were younger?  Why was […]
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We develop highly creative interactive exhibits for museums and science centers.  Any interactive you can dream, we can create. Below are just a few of the project that QuietPixel is working on, or that we and our people have worked on in the past. Interactive Augmented Reality Sandboxes: This summer, we will be releasing a quantum […]
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